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Maplefest 2014 a Beauty! By Kathy Adams

It was a beautiful weather weekend for Maplefest 2014! The sap was dripping like a leaky faucet. We had family, friends, food and fun all weekend long. It was a week of twins at AMM with four sets of twins visiting the cabin this week! Something is in the air. We had a great time and our syrup count is somewhere around average for the year. So far, 30 gallons of syrup has been bottled. We are still boiling strong as we have a ton of sap yet to go through. It is turning out to be a good year after all.


Saturday’s morning crew – more visitors came in the afternoon.


Maison Family


Erma and Kailey


Blain, Kailey, Zack, Dee, Ben and Dom


Some of Sunday’s Group



Twins week at Adams Maple Mountain!

St. Peter’s Kindergarten Class 2014

The Kindergarten Class at St. Peter’s Lutheran School visited Adams Maple Mountain on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day to be out sapping and syrup making. The kids really enjoyed the day collecting sap, watching it turn into syrup, having lunch, hiking and playing. They tasted the syrup with a pancake lunch. They learned the entire process from tapping a tree with a brace, hammering the spile into the tree, hanging the bucket, collecting the sap, etc. It was a wonderful day for learning!

Kindergarten Class 2014 – St. Peter’s Lutheran School

IMG_0453 IMG_0461 IMG_0466 IMG_0495 IMG_0502 IMG_0522 IMG_0542 IMG_0560 IMG_0563 IMG_8887 IMG_8896 IMG_8899 IMG_8903 IMG_8906

Sap, Finally! by Kathy Adams

The sap finally ran this past weekend. We had a beautiful weekend in the maple woods with family and friends. We collected 195 gallons over the weekend and another 185 gallons from Monday’s run. We bottled six gallons of syrup and the quality is A+. We had a group of family and friends on both days and plenty of food and fun were on hand. It was a beautiful weather weekend with temperatures in the 40’s and sunshine was abundant. A perfect syrup making time!





Little Sap for March 2014

March is nearly over and we have collect a total of 120 gallons of sap. All of it came in one run on Saturday, March 15.  We have yet to make one gallon of syrup this year.  Greg is ready to call Al Gore to get this weather warming up.

We are hoping for a turn around this weekend.  But, we have been hoping for that for weeks now.  It is an unusual start for sure.  I was looking at last year and we had a similar season.  The sap starting to flow like crazy on March 28, and we had our biggest season ever.  Let’s hope that happens again and we don’t have a one-week season.

Adams Maple Mountain is lonely and needs sap!


Tapping Day 2014


Tapping Crew 2014

Tapping day was Saturday, March 8th.  A bit later than usual this year due to cold weather.  The temperatures are still not cooperating as of March 13th.  We have yet to have a sap run for 2014.  We have so much snow on the ground that we were not able to tap 80 trees.  The tappers were in snowshoes last weekend to get it done.  Wild start to the year.  We are anxiously awaiting the first run.  There were a few drips on Monday as the weather was nice, but not enough to collect yet.  Friday looks promising – let’s hope!

IMG_9902 IMG_9903 IMG_9908 IMG_9909 IMG_9914 IMG_9917 IMG_9922 IMG_9925 IMG_9933 IMG_9935


Snowshoes were a big help to those who had them.  We had a small crew this year because we started early and the afternoon arrivals missed it.  Most of the day was spent in the house celebrating the day with the family and friends.

IMG_9941 IMG_9945 IMG_9947 IMG_9949 IMG_9950 IMG_9952

The girls were ready with their Adams Maple Mountain sweatshirts from 2013. 


Let the Season Begin

Adams Maple Mountain will begin it’s 20th season of syrup making on Saturday, March 8th, 2014.  Starting at 1:00 p.m. we will begin tapping the trees.  Come on out and join the fun!  Snow shoes or tall snow boots are recommended.  Should be a good day to start the syrup season.

Blain taps the first tree using the pioneer method.

Blain taps the first tree using the pioneer method.

20th Year 2014 – by Kathy Adams

Get ready!  Adams Maple Mountain is gearing up for their 20th syrup season!  It’s hard to believe that we have been making syrup that long. As I was reading our first journal this is what I found:

We tapped about 50 trees on March 12 … we had two runs producing 7.5 gallons of syrup … the taps were pulled on March 29 … our syrup, sweet and flavorful with a beautiful amber color was a bit hit among family and friends.

Wow – so many changes in 20 years for Adams Maple Mountain.  We are still producing, but in a new location.  We are tapping 250+ trees, and last year we made a record 105 gallons of syrup.  Big differences, but the same sweet product.

photo 3

Blain and Greg tapping a tree 1995, our first year.  Blain had a broken arm from a snowboard fall in Steamboat.

Blain taps the first tree using the pioneer method.

Blain taps the first tree using the pioneer method.

Blain tapping the first tree – 2013.

photo 2

Greg and the kids boiling the first sap in their “toy barn”.  We waited “HOURS” for the syrup to finish.  I think it was the wee hours before the first batch was done.  But well worth the wait.


Today our equipment is a bit more efficient and we can make a batch of syrup with lightening speed.

photo 1

The kids little toy barn that we boiled our first year – we have come a long way from here!


Our cabin today – complete with facilities, kitchen and a very large evaporator.  Places to store plenty of sap and room for everyone to fit in and still be cozy.  Great memories are made at Adams Maple Mountain!

Join us for 2014, our 20th Year.  Stories are yet to be written…

Tapping day 2014 – Saturday, March 8, 2014

Record Syrup Season

Yesterday we pulled taps and ended our syrup season.  We could have gone a few more days, but after a six week season, enough is enough.  A record syrup season for us at 100 gallons is enough.  We also had a record length of season finishing April 14th, 2013, our latest ever.  Greg will finish off the last of it and has about 3-4 gallons to bottle which will put us on the 100 mark.  Unreal.  The weather was perfect for sap this year as it was so cold through the entire season that we had clear and icy sap each week.  That made for nice light syrup with a butter finish.  Yum!  This is also the first time we had snow on the ground through the entire season.  We had a bit of an ice storm on Thursday, topped off by a snow on Friday and Saturday morning.  We did not have the warm weather at the end of the season that we usually have, so we really didn’t get much outdoor time on the porch this year.  Oddly enough, the weather always seemed to be very cold on Monday’s and Tuesday’s with the sap frozen, and that made it nice for us to do our dumping and boiling during the end of the week.  It really was a most perfect season and a perfect yield.

A big thank you to our crew this year, we couldn’t do it without all the help.  We love you all – and as Kevin always tells us, we need to just love each other!


Extended Syrup Season

We waited patiently for the syrup season to get going, but once it did – wow!  We have been so busy I haven’t had time to write.  It is now going to be the extended syrup season.  With temperatures cooler than normal this time of year, the trees are still producing an abundance of sap and it is crystal clear.  We actually had ice in a few of the buckets this weekend.  So far, we have collected 4,074 gallons of sap and have made 74 gallons of syrup.  A great year of plenty and we are going to extend into next weekend to take all that is given to us in the way of sap.  We had our season record sap collection of 690 gallons on Friday.  We collected 260 gallons yesterday, but that was about a third of the trees as we did not have any place to put it.  We left trees with full buckets out last night – so sad.

It was a full weekend of activities and a little excitement on Friday.  Kevin 2 had a bit of an accident when he fell on one of the buckets while gathering.  He ended up with nine stitches on his face – not good.  He also left just four of us gathering 450 gallons of sap.  Oh what fun the guys all had with that Friday.  Kevin 2 showed up Friday morning to find a first aid kit, padded bucket, and a rope tied to a chair to secure him in.  Clowns!  We also had new visitors yesterday, three boys ages 10, 8 and 4.  They were so cute, and loved gathering sap.  The weather was not great yesterday, a lot of wind and periods of rain and sleet.  But, during collection time, it was calm and fairly warm.  Perfect for the boys.

After much discussion, we have decided to leave the taps in for another week.  We are looking at a warmer week, so as long as the buds are not out, we may get one more run in at the weeks’ end.  The weather forecast is calling for freezing temps on Thursday.  We are planning to pulls taps on Saturday afternoon.  This will be a memorable season for sure!

Sap Gushes on the Weekend

What a perfect weekend for syrup making.  The weather made the sap absolutely gush from the trees.  I have not counted the tally sheets yet to see what our sap total was this weekend, or our syrup count, but a rough estimate of syrup puts us at about 50 gallons so far.  It looks like another good week coming up.

IMG_5334Sap gushing from the trees!

We had a full four-day weekend starting on Thursday with the kindergarten field trip.  The kids had a great time making syrup and eating pancakes!

IMG_5477St. Peter’s Lutheran School Kindergarten Class 2013

On Friday and Saturday we had many visitors stop by to see the action.  They all had a change to gather sap as the buckets had to be emptied twice a day.  There was also lots of fellowship, fun and food to add to the fun.

IMG_5551Some who stayed for the evening sap dump – thanks to them.

Sunday we had our Easter dinner in the cabin so we could keep boiling.  Our lamb made a great aroma with the boiling sap and our dinner was great!  We surely were blessed with an abundance of sap, syrup, family, friends and good things from the LORD this weekend.

I will be sure to post stats soon.  Hope you all had a good Easter weekend!