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Season Extended, by Kathy Adams

Adams Maple Mountain has been revived for a few days. We had a nice 350 gallon run yesterday and expect another large run today. Greg fired up the evaporator yesterday.  We will continue the syrup making …




Whose Woods Are These I Think I Know – Adams Maple Mountain Spring Storm 2014 by Kathy Adams

A spring storm hit Saturday night, April 12, 2014 in Mecosta County that did wide-spread damage to many in the area.  Thousands are without power and will probably be out for another 3 or 4 days.  Trees are down all around town, barns have fallen, homes are damaged, flood waters are taking out many area roads, etc.

IMG_9449 IMG_9444

Fortunately, Adams Maple Mountain did not suffer much damage.  Our cabin just escaped when two large pine trees fell nearby.IMG_9387

Whose woods are these I think I know…

You can see the top of the cabin peeking through.


Blain’s bow stand did not make it through.


The bonfire pit also a disaster.


The sap trail is blocked by fallen trees.


And buckets are down.


Quite a few trees are down and most of the trails are blocked.

The property is littered with branches.


Road coming in is blocked as well.


More tree damage.


Buckets down.


More downed buckets.


Or buckets filled with rainwater.


The creek is rushing and over full.

But truly we were blessed with God’s protection over us because we did not suffer any damage to the cabin, our home or barns, and we did not lose power!  Praise the LORD!


Adams Maple Mountain Spring Storm 2014 – safe and sound!


Is the 2014 Maple Season Winding Down? – By Kathy Adams

Can it be the end of the season already? Warm temperatures the past two days have us wondering. We have made 48 gallons of syrup this year. Greg has about 300 gallons yet to boil today. No run the past two days. It looks like warm weather through the weekend so we will be shut-down for a few days – or until the nights bring another freeze.  Things will be quiet at the sap cabin so you will probably not find us there.

We hope you all have a sweet weekend!


Empty Buckets 😦

Maplefest 2014 a Beauty! By Kathy Adams

It was a beautiful weather weekend for Maplefest 2014! The sap was dripping like a leaky faucet. We had family, friends, food and fun all weekend long. It was a week of twins at AMM with four sets of twins visiting the cabin this week! Something is in the air. We had a great time and our syrup count is somewhere around average for the year. So far, 30 gallons of syrup has been bottled. We are still boiling strong as we have a ton of sap yet to go through. It is turning out to be a good year after all.


Saturday’s morning crew – more visitors came in the afternoon.


Maison Family


Erma and Kailey


Blain, Kailey, Zack, Dee, Ben and Dom


Some of Sunday’s Group



Twins week at Adams Maple Mountain!

St. Peter’s Kindergarten Class 2014

The Kindergarten Class at St. Peter’s Lutheran School visited Adams Maple Mountain on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day to be out sapping and syrup making. The kids really enjoyed the day collecting sap, watching it turn into syrup, having lunch, hiking and playing. They tasted the syrup with a pancake lunch. They learned the entire process from tapping a tree with a brace, hammering the spile into the tree, hanging the bucket, collecting the sap, etc. It was a wonderful day for learning!

Kindergarten Class 2014 – St. Peter’s Lutheran School

IMG_0453 IMG_0461 IMG_0466 IMG_0495 IMG_0502 IMG_0522 IMG_0542 IMG_0560 IMG_0563 IMG_8887 IMG_8896 IMG_8899 IMG_8903 IMG_8906

Sap, Finally! by Kathy Adams

The sap finally ran this past weekend. We had a beautiful weekend in the maple woods with family and friends. We collected 195 gallons over the weekend and another 185 gallons from Monday’s run. We bottled six gallons of syrup and the quality is A+. We had a group of family and friends on both days and plenty of food and fun were on hand. It was a beautiful weather weekend with temperatures in the 40’s and sunshine was abundant. A perfect syrup making time!





Little Sap for March 2014

March is nearly over and we have collect a total of 120 gallons of sap. All of it came in one run on Saturday, March 15.  We have yet to make one gallon of syrup this year.  Greg is ready to call Al Gore to get this weather warming up.

We are hoping for a turn around this weekend.  But, we have been hoping for that for weeks now.  It is an unusual start for sure.  I was looking at last year and we had a similar season.  The sap starting to flow like crazy on March 28, and we had our biggest season ever.  Let’s hope that happens again and we don’t have a one-week season.

Adams Maple Mountain is lonely and needs sap!