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Tapping Day 2014

March 26, 2014


Tapping Crew 2014

Tapping day was Saturday, March 8th.  A bit later than usual this year due to cold weather.  The temperatures are still not cooperating as of March 13th.  We have yet to have a sap run for 2014.  We have so much snow on the ground that we were not able to tap 80 trees.  The tappers were in snowshoes last weekend to get it done.  Wild start to the year.  We are anxiously awaiting the first run.  There were a few drips on Monday as the weather was nice, but not enough to collect yet.  Friday looks promising – let’s hope!

IMG_9902 IMG_9903 IMG_9908 IMG_9909 IMG_9914 IMG_9917 IMG_9922 IMG_9925 IMG_9933 IMG_9935


Snowshoes were a big help to those who had them.  We had a small crew this year because we started early and the afternoon arrivals missed it.  Most of the day was spent in the house celebrating the day with the family and friends.

IMG_9941 IMG_9945 IMG_9947 IMG_9949 IMG_9950 IMG_9952

The girls were ready with their Adams Maple Mountain sweatshirts from 2013. 


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