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Record Syrup Season

April 14, 2013

Yesterday we pulled taps and ended our syrup season.  We could have gone a few more days, but after a six week season, enough is enough.  A record syrup season for us at 100 gallons is enough.  We also had a record length of season finishing April 14th, 2013, our latest ever.  Greg will finish off the last of it and has about 3-4 gallons to bottle which will put us on the 100 mark.  Unreal.  The weather was perfect for sap this year as it was so cold through the entire season that we had clear and icy sap each week.  That made for nice light syrup with a butter finish.  Yum!  This is also the first time we had snow on the ground through the entire season.  We had a bit of an ice storm on Thursday, topped off by a snow on Friday and Saturday morning.  We did not have the warm weather at the end of the season that we usually have, so we really didn’t get much outdoor time on the porch this year.  Oddly enough, the weather always seemed to be very cold on Monday’s and Tuesday’s with the sap frozen, and that made it nice for us to do our dumping and boiling during the end of the week.  It really was a most perfect season and a perfect yield.

A big thank you to our crew this year, we couldn’t do it without all the help.  We love you all – and as Kevin always tells us, we need to just love each other!


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