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1995 – Building the First Sap Cabin – by Kathy Adams

Fall of 1995 was spend building a sap cabin next to our pond in Romeo, Michigan.  The success of the syrup inspired Greg to go all out by building a sap cabin.  He would purchase our first wood fired evaporator and a gas fired finishing pan.  He also invested in more equipment to do maple syrup producing in a bigger way.

The cabin project was a hands on building project for all of us.  Along with family and friends, we erected a small log style cabin.  Greg led the project and did a fine job of building a cute cabin, just the perfect size for our small operation.  Or was it?

Blain building the cabinBlain is taking a break from cabin building – 1995

Roof ProjectPutting the roof on – 1995

Finishing the RoofGreg, the did the shingles – cedar shakes – all alone!  1995

The cabin was a delight!  It fit so nice along the edge of the pond.  It was perfect spot, just outside our house.  It looked so cute the first winter all dressed in snow.  Something that I had forgotten – before it was ever used for syrup making – we had our Thanksgiving dinner in it that year.  It was a transition year for the family.  Grandma and Grandpa were not well and Thanksgiving did not happen a the Farm.  So, for two years, we had Thanksgiving dinner in our little cabin in Romeo.

ThanksgivingMelissa, Blain and Greg ready to feast on our Thanksgiving dinner – 1995

Carving the TurkeyGreg teaches Blain how to carve a bird! 1995

Our second Thanksgiving was complete with more traditional pilgrim dishes – venison, pheasant, etc.  What memories!

We had fun with the little cabin through the winter as it got used for our ice rink shelter.  It was a great place to put on the skates!  It would host many activities before our first syrup making in the cabin – Spring, 1996.

First visitorsOur first cabin visitors, Jordan, Missy, Blain, Cody and Conner, the cousins – 1995

More great times were ahead – and many adventures to come.  But for the winter of 1995, the cabin served other purposes and hosted a few great times!

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