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First week 2018

March 1, 2018

Our first week of 2018 at Adams Maple Mountain has been amazing!  God has blessed us with beautiful sap weather.

We started Saturday with a pancake breakfast followed by tree tapping.  The weather was beautiful – 36 degrees and partly sunny.

Cousin GraceAnne and Dick came early to help with the breakfast.  They drove from down-state and showed up just in time to help with the chuck-wagon.  They are so appreciated!

Our Belle, tapped the first tree. She was precious. She loved the sap coming out of the tree. She drank it heartily saying “good.”  So sweet.

Another first was Jonathon.  He was so excited to be able to run the tapping drill.  He did a fine job and did not give up until the job was done.

Kevin let another crew around to tap trees.

It was also Max’s first trip to Adams Maple Mountain.  He is the newest member of the family.  He was so cute and loved all the activity!

We had many hands to do the work. About 40 people visited us on Saturday and helped with tapping. We enjoyed the day in the sugar bush with family, friends, food and fun.


We tapped 300 trees on Saturday.  By Sunday morning, we had full buckets of sap.  It ran like a champ.  We had another group come out on Sunday to help with gathering.  The weather was nice in the morning, but it turned cold and it was very windy by mid-day.  It was a stay in the cabin kind of day.  We were so happy to see the steam come out of the evaporator and smell that sweet sap.

Everyone enjoyed the day outdoors!

By Sunday, we had sap running out of the buckets.  It did not freeze overnight so the sap ran all night long.  It was beautiful!  Many hands showed up on Sunday for the first gathering of sap.


They collected 570 gallons of sap!  Amazing.  After gathering the weather turned cloudy, very windy and cool.  The cabin was the place to be.  Greg fired up the evaporator and everyone was glad to see and smell the first maple steam!  We made a venison tenderloin dinner and everyone visited in the cabin for the day.

At 6 p.m. Greg and I were the only two left – and the maple sap was just about perfect for the first maple toddy! Boy did it taste delicious.


It was a special weekend and we are so thankful for our family and friends.  We had a fantastic time at the syrup cabin.  We are excited to see what the season brings at Adams Maple Mountain.  Come out and see us!

IMG_7312Greg, Kathy and Blain Adams – your Adams Maple Mountain hosts.


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