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St. Peter’s Kindergarten Class 2014

April 3, 2014

The Kindergarten Class at St. Peter’s Lutheran School visited Adams Maple Mountain on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day to be out sapping and syrup making. The kids really enjoyed the day collecting sap, watching it turn into syrup, having lunch, hiking and playing. They tasted the syrup with a pancake lunch. They learned the entire process from tapping a tree with a brace, hammering the spile into the tree, hanging the bucket, collecting the sap, etc. It was a wonderful day for learning!

Kindergarten Class 2014 – St. Peter’s Lutheran School

IMG_0453 IMG_0461 IMG_0466 IMG_0495 IMG_0502 IMG_0522 IMG_0542 IMG_0560 IMG_0563 IMG_8887 IMG_8896 IMG_8899 IMG_8903 IMG_8906

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