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20th Year 2014 – by Kathy Adams

February 23, 2014

Get ready!  Adams Maple Mountain is gearing up for their 20th syrup season!  It’s hard to believe that we have been making syrup that long. As I was reading our first journal this is what I found:

We tapped about 50 trees on March 12 … we had two runs producing 7.5 gallons of syrup … the taps were pulled on March 29 … our syrup, sweet and flavorful with a beautiful amber color was a bit hit among family and friends.

Wow – so many changes in 20 years for Adams Maple Mountain.  We are still producing, but in a new location.  We are tapping 250+ trees, and last year we made a record 105 gallons of syrup.  Big differences, but the same sweet product.

photo 3

Blain and Greg tapping a tree 1995, our first year.  Blain had a broken arm from a snowboard fall in Steamboat.

Blain taps the first tree using the pioneer method.

Blain taps the first tree using the pioneer method.

Blain tapping the first tree – 2013.

photo 2

Greg and the kids boiling the first sap in their “toy barn”.  We waited “HOURS” for the syrup to finish.  I think it was the wee hours before the first batch was done.  But well worth the wait.


Today our equipment is a bit more efficient and we can make a batch of syrup with lightening speed.

photo 1

The kids little toy barn that we boiled our first year – we have come a long way from here!


Our cabin today – complete with facilities, kitchen and a very large evaporator.  Places to store plenty of sap and room for everyone to fit in and still be cozy.  Great memories are made at Adams Maple Mountain!

Join us for 2014, our 20th Year.  Stories are yet to be written…

Tapping day 2014 – Saturday, March 8, 2014

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  1. Lisa permalink

    Looking forward to seeing the gang! What fun!

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