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About Adams Maple Mountain

Adams Maple Mountain is a family maple syrup operation run strictly for the enjoyment of family and friends.  It is our mission to make the finest Michigan “pure maple syrup,” provide it to family and friends; while enjoying the experience of the process with others to educate and keep our family’s farm heritage skills alive.

Our basic philosophy will never change – share, give, teach and enjoy with one another the blessings given to us by the LORD.

Greg, Kathy and Blain Adams have been host to thousands of people who have passed through Adams Maple Mountain over the past 22 years.  We have hosted many field trips for schools and youth programs, made movies with local television stations and hosted many weekend events for the enjoyment of all to see, smell, taste and feel the experience of syrup making!  We are always happy to share our Maple Cabin with all who pass through!

  1. awesome day at maple Mountain! Thank you Adam’s family:)

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