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History of Adams Maple Mountain

Adams Maple Mountain started in 1995, in a small shed in Romeo, MI.  Our home was on a wooded ten-acre parcel filled with maple trees.  We tapped 50 trees the first year and made just a few gallons of syrup.  It was so successful and tasted so good, that we expanded before 1996.  We spent the summer of 1995 building a sap cabin and bought equipment including an evaporator, finishing pan and filter system.  In 1996 we tapped 150 trees and made gallons of syrup.  It was a big hit with family and friends; everyone loved the maple season.  Before too long we were tapping 200+ trees and making as many gallons of syrup as the weather allowed.  We hosted family, friends, schools and groups to see our operation.  We learned to cook with it, and made some confections that can only be had once a year as they are so filled with calories.  The season became a holiday to many, and everyone looked forward to it coming – and going, as the work was exhausting.  The fun can never be replaced and the memories live on it the hearts of many people, from our days in Romeo, MI.

After 11 years of syrup making in Romeo, we decided to sell our home and migrate to the north where our roots are.  Evart, Michigan is now our home and the home of Adams Maple Mountain.  It took two years of moving and getting settled before we could build another cabin in the woods.  The expansion included a bigger cabin, bigger evaporator, and bigger finishing pan.  Building took place in the summer and fall of 2007.  By 2008, we were up and running.  Currently we tap around 275 trees and make about 75 – 80 gallons a year, depending on the weather.  Activities still include hosting family, friends, schools and groups to see the operation.  We did not build a big enough cabin, but I am not sure that it can ever be big enough.


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