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Weekend Syrup Report

March 12, 2012

Well it was an interesting weekend.  The sap was so hardened from Friday’s cold snap that it was 5:00 p.m. before it started to run on Saturday.  Over 30 people showed up to help and we only collected 45 gallons.  The wind blew from the north and it was a very cold day overall.  But, we made the best of things and enjoyed family, friends, food and fun. 

By Saturday evening the temperatures were warming nicely and the wind died down.  The sap ran all night.  By morning the buckets were running over.  We had a skeleton crew collecting sap on Sunday.  The morning crew collected 620 gallons of sap between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  The evening crew collected 400 gallons of sap!  A thousand gallon day – I think it’s a record.  We had about 15 people around Sunday evening to help.  The day was magnificent with warm temperatures and sun.  We were able to sit by the bonfire and be outside all day.  We roasted a venison tenderloin and made pancakes for dinner.  A good weekend after all!  Greg will need to get all the sap boiled down, as the temperatures are going to be too warm to hold it over until next weekend.  More later – and photos too. 

Our group of visitors on Saturday – not all present are pictured.

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