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Sap on Snow

March 13, 2012

Well another first for Adams Maple Mountain.  We had to pack the sap in snow to try to keep it cool this week.  With the weather acting like late May, we are desperately trying to preserve what little sap we now have.  We had another good run yesterday, collected 310 gallons before the torrential downpour held us back.  We left our collection buckets full of sap in the woods when the rain hit.  That will have to be dumped out now.  Greg bottled another 6+ gallons yesterday before calling it a night.  Crazy weather might give us a “no sap” Maplefest.  Hopefully we will be boiling – if not we may be pulling taps!  Who knows what is next in the weather front.  For now, the sap in on snow!

Greg, Kevin and Ralph are putting snow around the sap, and covering it to keep it cool. 

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