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Friday Report – Tools Required

March 10, 2012

Friday was cold at the maple cabin.  Temperatures did not get past 29 degrees all day.  Ralph and Mark came to dump buckets in the afternoon.  Tools were required for Friday’s dumping.  We had to use hammer handles to poke through the ice and get to the sap.  We collected 125 gallons of pure sap.  It was a job tonight. 

Greg boiled sap all day and finished 3 gallons and a quart.  He has a bit more to finish and now the new sap to boil as well. 

 We are looking for warmer weather coming tomorrow and more sap!

Greg also invented a new toddie!  It has warm partially boiled sap, crown royal whiskey and cream.  He is calling it Adams Maple Mountain Mini Beers!  It was so smooth and good.  I am sure it will be a new favorite around the evaporator. 

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