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Maplefest 2013

March 19, 2013

Maplefest 2013.  What can we say – the weather was somewhat uncooperative.  I say somewhat because we had a great day in the sugarbush, despite the fact that it was too cold for the sap to run.

Frozen Sap

Frozen Sap

Although our activities were not so much about collecting sap and boiling syrup, we did have a bit of sap to boil that day.  The temperatures were hovering around 30 degrees, and the sun decided to shine a bit in the afternoon.  We still had many visitors, plenty of food, syrup making and fun.  The kids (big and small) were disappointed about the sap, but they made the best of it by sledding down the snowy hills.

100_3384 100_3387

Truly, Maplefest is a good time for all no matter what.  Who can say we did not have a great day?  And, we did manage to make a bit of syrup for our visitors.

Maplefest 2013

Maplefest 2013

Click the Maplefest Group Photo to see all the photos from Maplefest 2013.  Enjoy!

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  1. Judie Goltz permalink

    We tried to find you but with all of this advertising and pictures there is no phone number and address????????
    You can reach me at My name is Judie Goltz and Zona from St Peters told me about you. My phone number is 231-420-5144 We have a sugarbush at Paris and are looking for quart jugs.

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