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Syrup Season Ends Early

March 27, 2012

Maple season ended early as mother nature decided to grace us with two weeks of summer weather!  We did leave the taps in for an extra week in hopes of having another cold snap, but it was not to be.  Greg and Blain pulled the taps on Sunday and cleaned up the evaporator.  Although we did not have a four-week season this year, we managed to have two wonderful weeks of syrup making.  We have plenty of syrup in our inventory and should be good for the year for all our family and friends to enjoy the fruits of all our labors!  A big thank you to all who helped out at the sugarbush this year!  We appreciate all of you.  Special thanks to Kevin, Ralph, Erma, and Jen for always being on hand to help Greg, Blain and Kathy!  Also, a special thanks to Mom for being the syrup jug fund-raiser!  She did a great job.  See you all next season!  Have a SWEET year!

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